Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws



Section 1: Name This organization is incorporated under the laws of the Republic of the Marshall Islands and shall be known as Women Entrepreneurs – RMI (WE-RMI). Kora Ro Rej Wia Kake.

Etan Doulul eo: Doulul in ej ekkeijel iumin kakien ko an Majol in im naj na etan Women Entrepreneurs (WE) of RMI.


Section 1:To promote and advance the general welfare and prosperity of women-operated businesses, both formal and informal, in the Marshall Islands. Non kokmanman lok aolep wawen jerbal in komman jeen ko an Kora ilo Majol in.

Section 2:To provide forums for building relationships so women will achieve career and personal success through education, resources and recognition. Non kakwelok kora ro non kokajoor lok ir bwe ren maron bok jeramman jen jelalokjen, men in jeramman ko im im bareinwot kile ir.

Section 3:To serve as a public voice on issues of concern and importance for women in business in the Marshall Islands. Bwe en wor ainikien kora ro ilo menin kenono im aikuij ko reaurok non kora im kilen kokmanman lok business ko ilo Majol Islands.


Section 1: Eligibility for Membership Any woman entrepreneur having an interest in the objectives of the organization shall be eligible for membership. Erom uwaan, jabrewot kora, im doulul in kora ko me eor aer itoklimo ilo men in kottobar ko an doulul.

Section 2: Types of Membership/WAWEN KO NAN EROM UWAAN

  1. Individual Membership Any woman having an interest in the objectives of the organization shall be eligible to apply for membership. Won ro rej uwaan, jabrewot kora, im doulul in kora ko me eor aer itoklimo ilo men in kottobar ko an doulul remaron erom uwaan.
  2. Business Membership Any woman-owned and/or operated business, formal or informal, may acquire one full membership, and shall be entitled to designate a person as a voting member and for that person to cast one vote at any regular or special meetings of the organization. Ro rej Business – jabrewot kora, doulul ko eor aer mon wia, im ro rej wia kake remaron likkun juon uwaan doulul eo im eor an maron in kalet juon armij bwe en vote ak ekaallel ilo etan.

Section 3: Application of Membership Any woman entrepreneur interested in participating in the organization shall submit a member application for to the board. Ro rej uwaan doulul in rej aikuij in mour kon kakien ko im eor aer jimwe in kommane vote eo aer.

Section 4: Acceptance of Membership Members meeting the eligibility requirements may be accepted for membership at any meeting. Any applicant so accepted shall become a member upon payment of dues and be entitled to voting privileges. Maron boke juon bwe en uwaan - non bok juon bwe en uwaan, jabrwot ien kwelok naj maron kadelon jabrwot ro eor aer itoklimo kon kottobar ko an doulul in. Jabrewot ro emoj bebe bwe ren erom uwaan doulul eo aikuij kolla bwe en maron ekallel (vote).

Section 5: Member in Good Standing A member shall be considered “in good standing” only when all dues are current. Likkun juon uwaan. Juon uwaan eo ejelok an likjab kon muri naj watok e, emman.

Section 6: Termination of Membership Membership shall be terminated for any member whose dues are sixty (60) days in arrears. – Ejjolok Armij Ro emootlok 60 ran ak rej muri wot naj jolok ir.


Section 1: Regular Meetings Membership meetings shall be held at a time and place designated by the Officers. Officer ro renaj kalikar jikin im ien kwelok ko.

Section 2: Annual Meeting The regular meeting held in the month of January shall also be known as the Annual Meeting and shall be for the purpose of electing officers, receiving reports of officers, and for any other business that may arise. Kwelok eo ilo yio otemjej enaj komman ilo January kon un eo non ekallel officer, kommani report ko an officer ro, im men in aikuij ko rej wanlon tak.

Section 3: Special Meetings Special meetings may be called by the President, other officers in the absence of the President, or upon request from the membership. Notice of special meetings shall be made at least five (5) days prior to such meetings and shall state the purpose for which the meeting was called. President eo emaron kur non kwelok ko jet ak ne ejako, obija ro jet. Ro uwaan doulul eo remaron bar kur nan juon kweilok ne ewor aikuj. Kojela non kwelok ej aikuij in komman iet tata lalem (5) ran mokta jen an komman kwelok ko ilo an walok unin an kwelok ko komman.

Section 4: Voting

  1. Individual members shall be members in good standing, and shall be entitled to no more than one vote. Kajojo uwaan rej watok ir likkun ro ejelok aer likjab rej maron vote.
  2. Business members in good standing may designate a representative to vote at any regular or special meeting, which designate shall be entitled to one and only one vote. Business ko ejelok aer likjab remaron kelet juon armij eo enaj binej jenkwan im vote.
  3. No member shall be entitled to represent more than one business or to more than one vote unless they are listed as the primary contact for each business, and said business is in good standing. Ejelok uwaan emaron in binej jenkwan elon lok jen juon business non vote ijelokin ne rej ir eo aer business eo ilo an ejelok likjab. Ekallel ilo jabrewot kwelok ko an doulul eo, kajojo ian ro rej uwaan remaron in jiton e juon armij bwe en bok jikin non kommane kalet eo an. Remaron in bok jikin juon wot business im jab lonlok ijelokin wot ro rej likkun aer business eo. Aoleb ro uwaan im ej tellokier business, honorary ak jab, rej aikuij juon wot aer vote.

Section 5: Proxy Voting Members shall be entitled to designate an individual to represent them by proxy at any regular or special meeting; however, said proxy may vote only if the proxy is provided in writing. Binej jenkwan ilo vote, ro uwaan rej aikuij kelet e juon eo enaj binej jenkwan im vote ilo jabrewot kwelok an doulul eo; ijo wot ke, ribinej jenkwan eo naj kalikar ilo jeje.


Section 1: Officers The officers of shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers shall be elected from among the voting members. Each office shall be filled by a member from a different business. Obija ro ej aikuij in wor juon, President, V-President, Secretary, im Treasurer eo naj kalete jen bwiljin ro uwaan doulul eo. Ej aikuij juon wot armij jen juon business emaron bok kunaan ilo kajojo obij kein.

Section 2: Election and Term of Officers The President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be elected at the annual meeting and shall serve until their successors are elected and installed. Their term of office shall be for one year and shall begin on January 31st of the year following their election. Ekallel obija im aitok in jerbal -- President, v-president, secretary, im treasurer eo naj maron in kalet e ilo kwelok eo ej komman ilo yio otemjej im bok jikier non ien eo enaj bar komman ekallel. Aitok in ien jerbal eo aer enaj juon (1) yio jino jen January 31 ran elikin wot ien ekallel eo.

Section 3: Duties of the President The President shall serve as the chief executive officer, shall preside at all membership and officer meetings, shall represent the organization at regular Chamber of Commerce meetings, and shall perform such other duties as may pertain to this office. Eddo ko an President eo. President eo enaj jerbal einwot juon Chief executive obija, naj rikenono ilo aoleb ien kwelok ko an an ro uwaan doulul eo im obija ro, maron jijet ilo etan doulul eo ilo kwelok ko an Chamber of Commerce, im naj kommani jerbal im eddo ko jet ekkar non jerbal ko kappeiki kaki.

Section 4: Duties of the Vice-President The Vice President shall preside at all meetings of the organization in the absence of or when requested by the President, and to perform such other duties as may pertain to this office. Eddo ko an Vice President eo -- Vice President eo enaj rikenono im kommani kwelok ko an doulul eo ilo an jako President eo ak jerbal ko kappeiki kaki.

Section 5: Duties of the Secretary The Secretary shall record and preserve the minutes of all regular and special meetings of the organization, and perform such other duties as may pertain to this office or as may be imposed by the officers. She will be responsible for submitting the minutes to the Officers/Membership for approval and shall post them on the website. Eddo ko an Secretary eo -- Jerbal eo an secretary eo ej jei im kakoni minute ko an aoleb kwelok ko an doulul eo, im jerbal ko eierlok wot. An eddo non kwalok aoleb minute ko non obija/ro uwaan doulul eo non aer koweppeni im likiti ilo website eo.

Section 6: Duties of the Treasurer The Treasurer shall have custody of all of the funds of the organization, shall disburse funds as authorized by the Officers, shall account to the organization for same at its regular meetings and at other times when requested by the Officers, and shall perform such other duties as may pertain to this office or as may be imposed by the Officers. Eddo ko an Rilale Jeen eo, Eor an Rilale Jeen eo maron lali aoleb jeen ko an doulul eo, maron in komakutkut jeen ko ekkar non melim jen obija ro jet, naj kwalok makutkut in jeen ko ilo kwelok ko obija ro rej kuri. Im kommani jerbal ko ekkar non kappe jen obija ro jet.


Section 1: Dues Membership dues shall be $25.00 for each calendar year and shall be due on January 31st of each year. Wonan ro uwaan ej $25.00 non kajojo yio im naj aini ilo 31 ran in January ilo kajojo yio.

Section 2: Funds All monies shall be placed in a checking account at the Bank of Guam. Aolep jeen ko kollaiki non doulul eo naj likiti ilo juon bank account ilo Bank of Guam.

Section 3: Corporate Seal, Seal eo an Doulul eo The Secretary and Treasurer shall cause to be made a corporate seal showing the name of the organization and the date of incorporation. Secretary im Rilale Jeen eo renaj kommane juon seal non kalikar e etal doulul eo im ran, allon im yio eo an doulul eo.

Section 4: Fiscal Year The fiscal year for the organization shall be from October 1 through September 30. Fiscal yio eo an doulul eo ej aikuij jejjet ilo October 1 non September 30.


These bylaws may be amended or altered by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the membership present at a meeting noticed and called for this purpose. Naj maron komman oktak im kakobaba ko non Jemenei in kon ruo mottan jilu (2/3) in rukweilok ro.

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