About Us

Women Entrepreneurs (WE) of RMI was established in January 2013 through a Women in Business project funded by the Australian Aid Pacific Leadership Program in partnership with Vital Voices and is run by a volunteer committee.

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The Pacific Leadership Program is an AusAID initiative aimed at supporting inclusive and durable development change from the exercise of collective Pacific leadership. This initiative recognises that AusAID’s overall goal to alleviate poverty is most likely to be met when programs to improve livelihoods are led by the collective efforts of committed Pacific islanders.

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Mission Statement

WE’s Mission is to promote and advance the general welfare and prosperity of women-operated businesses, both formal and informal, in the Marshall Islands.

Building a good business network is essential for success. WE intends to provide forums for building relationships so women achieve career and personal success through education, resources, and recognition.

WE will serve as a public voice on issues of concern and importance for women in business in the Marshall Islands.

The Women in Business project was administered by Women United Together Marshall Islands (WUTMI), a non-governmental organization in the Marshall Islands.


WUTMI is an umbrella organization comprised of individual women’s clubs throughout the Marshall Islands and boasts a membership of over 900 women in twenty-six chapters, including two in the Marshallese communities in the United States. As a grassroots organization, WUTMI carries out various projects by networking and reaching out to individual women’s organizations throughout the twenty-four major atolls in order to strengthen the voice of women in the Marshall Islands by joining together women from across the country under one united organization with common goals.

WUTMI’s primary goal is to support and strengthen Marshallese women and their families. WUTMI seeks to encourage and ensure activities that preserve and strengthen the values of traditional Marshallese culture as well as addressing the realities of modern life in the islands. The current areas of focus is to prepare younger generations of women to take their role in society as healthy mothers, educators, health professionals, leaders and businesswomen. WUTMI seeks resources for empowerment, life skills development, research into areas such as child abuse, and for training in areas of greatest need.

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