WE objective 1
Promoting and advancing the general welfare and prosperity of women businesses via directories, media outlets, and business events/forums.
WE objective 2
Providing forums for building relationships so women will achieve career and personal success through education, resources, and recognition.
WE objective 3
Voicing issues of concern and importance for women in business.


WE provides a platform for women in business in the Marshall Islands to promote their businesses, develop networking opportunities, and share and build their business knowledge and skills. Read more...

WE News

Business Ladies get organized

PijaWomen entrepreneurs of the Marshall Islands gave birth to a new organization last Wednesday at the Marshall Islands Resort’s Melele Room. Named the Women Entrepreneurs of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (WE of RMI), this new women’s group aims to give the women in formal and non formal business a voice in society and on the economy. “Life in the Marshall Islands has become difficult, “ said WUTMI President and Momotaro Corporation owner Ramona Levy-Strauss. “The future is in our hands and we need to look to ourselves to help ourselves, our families and our country.”

Nearly 100 women in private business handicraft and agri-business participated in joint Women United Together Marshall Islands (WUTMI)-Ministry of Internal Affairs’ spearheading conferences with participants from the Ministry of Resources and Development and the Marshall Islands Chamber of Commerce present to endorse the WE of RMI’s establishment.

“What you do improves our economy and our country,” said Chamber of Commerce President and Marshall Islands Visitors Authority General Manager Brenda Alik-Maddison to stress the importance of the growth and strength of private businesses towards the development of the country. Alik-Maddison and Internal Affairs Secretary Daisy-Alik-Momotaro give high recognition to handicraft makers to highlight their skill as the backbone of small cottage industry which has the potential for growth by catering to the export market.

“Many families’ livelihood comes from handicraft,” said Alik-Momotaro. “Organizations like this will give (handicraft makers and sellers) strength in numbers and we can capitalize on our traditional skills-this is a good example of generating income that is inline with our culture." Resources and Developments Secretary Rebecca Lorennij was also on hand to address the gathering and took advantage of the opportunity to introduce staff from the Trade office and the Small Business development office so the participants can know where to go should they want to develop or grow their business.

Following opening remarks the women went straight to business to adopt bylaws and elected officers. Leading this new NGO are President Nika Wase, Vice President Karen Pihno, Secretary Bonny Taggart and Treasurer Luann Bing.